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Jacquard pai buckle Belly plastic body clothing Court corsets clothing Factory Outlets


¥ 43.00 (Market Price¥95.89 For your savings 52.89)

Mini Quantity:3(pieces)
  • Black
  • figure
  • white
  • mean code
  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • XXL

Service Quality Pledge Origin Export Certified Products

  • Source categories:Spot
  • :Yun Xi
  • Item no:9895
  • Whether to support the OEM:Support
  • Whether to support the foundry:Support
  • Fabric name:Satin
  • Fabric composition:Acetate fiber
  • Contents of main material components:60(%)
  • Origin:
  • Function:Stereotypes,Chest,Plastic body,Abdominal,Waist protection,Hip lift,Hop-Cross,No Trace,Gathering
  • Whether to even clothing:Whether
  • The total length:and abdomen
  • Seamless:Whether
  • Neckline Shape:VBoat neck
  • Whether:Yeah
  • Inventory:Yeah
  • Stock type:The whole single
  • Thickness:Ordinary
  • Revision:can be revised
  • Minimum number of tiles:500(Parts)
  • Cooperated:yunxi
  • Processing cycle:20
  • Tag Object:External single processing,Sellers,,Internationally renowned,Domestic well-known
  • Main sales Channels:Shop,Domestic market,Supermarket,,Individual entities,
  • For the season:Winter,Spring,Summer,Autumn
  • Is there keel:Yeah
  • Is there a row buckle:Yeah
  • Whether to import:Whether
  • Color:Black,White
  • Size:XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL
  • Main downstream platforms:Independent station,,,,,LAZADA
  • Main sales Area:Northeast Asia,Europe,Africa,Southeast asia,The Middle East,South america,North america
  • Whether Cross-border sourcing:Yeah

Warm tips:Ali the latest regulations,Minimum quantities for3,If purchases are not up to3Parts,On the left apply to join to sell the store to enjoy1Parts order,Also note change1Parts!



Product introduction
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    • Product information
    • Commodity type: Plastic clothes
    • Product number: 9895
    • Product color:Black/White
    • Set composition: Plastic clothes
Products real shot diagram
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Corset effect and use


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